Scheduling a Coaching Client Email Template

Here is an email template to use for a new coaching client:


Dear Client name (replace with client name),

I am your Glacier Point Solutions, Inc. Executive Coach and I would like to work on scheduling our first Coaching session.  I am looking forward to working with you!

I am available the following dates/times for our first Coaching session:


Please let me know which date/time would work for you and I will schedule it.

Please call me at ___ for our calls. / Or I will call you for our Coaching calls.

In our first session, we will settle on a regular monthly time/day for our monthly Executive Coaching calls and put a few on our schedules.

NOTE:  Please go to an office or location where you cannot be overheard by anyone else to do our Coaching calls.

Also, after you take the DiSC Assessment, we will Debrief it in two additional Coaching sessions.  We will work on setting up the DiSC Debrief calls in our first Coaching call as well.

When we do the DiSC Debrief sessions, please have your DiSC Assessment (printed in color) and a pad of paper ready for note-taking.

I am looking forward to our work together and know that this will be an enriching experience for you that will support you in becoming an even more effective leader.



Your Name


Your GPSI Signature Line


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