Glacier Point Solutions

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Career Coaching

Glacier Point Solutions, Inc. offers Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Career Coaching to corporations, nonprofits, and individuals. We also offer Peer Group Coaching.

We are team of highly skilled and experienced Executive Coaches and Career Coaches.

We serve mainly mid-to-large sized companies (and the people who work for them) in the High Technology, Healthcare, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Medical Device industries.

Our mission is to help organizations create a culture that’s inspiring, energizing, and innovative, and authentic leaders who are influential, supportive, and creative.

We offer Executive Coaching initiatives that impact the individual and the bottom line.

Based in Long Beach, California, we offer Coaching in Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County, Southern California & Northern California, and nationally.

5 Reasons to Hire Glacier Point Solutions, Inc.

1. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Our Executive Coaches are highly skilled and have deep business and leadership experience in a variety of business functions and industries.

2. EXTENSIVE TRAINING & ICF Certification: Our Coaches are highly trained in a diverse set of Leadership Development techniques and are Certified Coaches through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

3. A TEAM OF COACHES: We are able to support your Coaching initiative with multiple Coaches so that it's not the same Coach Coaching multiple, interdependent leaders. This creates more trust between the Leaders and their Coach. And, we are able to match Coaches with similar business experience to your leaders so they have a Coach who understands their unique challenges.

4. ONE VENDOR FOR ALL YOUR COACHING NEEDS: We are able to support all of your Coaching needs so that you don't need to deal with multiple Coaching vendors.

5. QUALITY COACHING: We offer high quality Leadership Coaching as evidenced by the fact that we consistently average 4.7 to 4.8 on a Likert scale of "5" on our "Coaching Effectiveness Surveys."


What People are Saying About Glacier Point Solutions:

“We had a leader who we gave constructive feedback to that didn’t agree with the feedback. We were able to use some Coaching tools provided to us by your Leadership Coach, and the leader was able to take ownership of the feedback, which laid the groundwork for him to work… Read More

— H.H. – Human Resources

“I have worked with Katie for the past two years and highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, professional partner/resource and friend. My past two years included focusing on managing stress productively so that I had better and realistic balance between my personal and professional life. Katie was also an… Read More

— C.B., Vice President, Banking Industry

“Katie inspires me. She takes a whole person approach to coaching and recognizes that successful career development is interdependent with healthy life balance! With her help, encouragement and insight, I have developed greater confidence and trust in myself as a manager and leader. I have learned how to be more… Read More

“I sought out coaching during a period in my professional life where I was not sure if I was in a position I was able or willing to excel at.  Arianna’s thoughtful questions, the inventories, and the reframing of my mindset helped me to turn the corner and confidently step… Read More

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