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Executive & Career Coaching
Glacier Point Solutions

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Career Coaching

Glacier Point Solutions, Inc. offers Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Career Coaching to corporations, nonprofits, and individuals. We also offer Peer Group Coaching.

We are team of highly skilled and experienced Executive Coaches and Career Coaches.

We serve mainly mid-to-large sized companies (and the people who work for them) in the High Technology, Healthcare, Banking, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Medical Device industries.

Our mission is to help organizations create a culture that’s inspiring, energizing, and innovative, and authentic leaders who are influential, supportive, and creative.

We offer Executive Coaching initiatives that impact the individual and the bottom line.

Based in Long Beach, California, we offer Coaching in Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange County, Southern California & Northern California, and nationally.

5 Reasons to Hire Glacier Point Solutions, Inc.

1. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Our Coaches and Consultants are highly skilled and have deep business experience.

2. EXTENSIVE TRAINING: Our Coaches are highly trained in a diverse set of Leadership Development techniques and interventions.

3. SUPPORT FOR COACHING INITIATIVES: We are able to support your Coaching initiative with multiple Coaches so that there is more trust between the Leaders being coached and their assigned Coach. And, we are able to give your leaders a choice between Coaches.

4. ONE VENDOR FOR ALL YOUR COACHING: We are able to support all of your Coaching needs so that you don't need to deal with multiple vendors.

5. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: We know how to help your leaders create an inspiring and motivating work environment which supports a more productive workforce.


What People are Saying About Glacier Point Solutions:

“Through our Leadership Coaching work together I made progress toward all of my initial goals for Coaching. I now spend more time building relationships with my peers, staff, and superiors, which greatly benefit me in my work. I have set aside time for strategic thinking and have used most of the strategic thinking tools you […]

— B.M., Marketing Director

“Katie B. Smith is simply a great coach. I have had the privilege of working with her over a period of time and she has always been a powerful support in helping me move forward and achieve results. She is smart, intuitive and possesses a strong background of life experience that is valuable to me […]

— HB, Small Business Owner

“Working with Katie was a coaching experience very unique from any prior traditional executive business coaches. She was able to put forth a spotlight on areas that could be developed so that I could continue making smarter decisions that match my talents and desired outcomes. She works from the inside out. This then led to […]

— Elaine DiLisio, President Cordillera Advisor Group

“Katie is a talented executive coach with a keen sense for enabling self-discovery, professional (and personal) growth and recognizing your own potential. She does this by offering a unique viewpoint into how you think and perceive yourself and others. The result is the realization of new skills, knowledge of how to capitalize on your strengths […]

— Tim Bauer, PhD, Director of SomaLogic
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