Sales Coaching Questions Answered

Sales Coaching QuestionsQ: If the client says 3 times a month might be too much. I want time to work in between our calls. How do you diffuse the fact that they have to work between calls?

A: I tell them:  “Much of the work of coaching happens within the coaching call.  It’s about a mind shift or a new way of looking at things so you’re not actually taking action in between sessions, you’re just thinking differently and acting differently in between calls based on the work you’ve done in the Coaching session.  So you don’t always have to do work or tasks in between sessions, you’re just working on thinking differently and practicing being different.

We’ve found through experience that three times a month is the most effective frequency. 3 Times a month is regular enough to cement your progress and build the Coaching relationship but gives you a little breathing room to do complete some actions.