Powerful Questions for DiSC Debrief

DISC Debrief Coaching Training – Powerful Questions

Debriefing – Your DiSC Style & Dot – Pg. 4

• Is this accurate for you?
• Can you think of a time when this was true? How did you handle it?
• What are you learning about yourself?
• How can you capitalize on the strengths identified here?
• How can you mitigate the weaknesses identified by this section of your DiSC report?
• How might you use your skills in maintaining harmony to support your team in finding solutions during challenging times?
• What belief for you drives this behavior?
• When do you experience it a challenge to keep the peace?
• What are you tolerating in others that causes you stress?
• When you don’t deal with negative information, what is the detriment to your boss, yourself? or team?
Motivators & Stressors – Pg. 6

  • How can you shape your work so you have more motivators?
  • How can you limit your stressors?
  • How can you find a balance between the motivators & stressors?

Example of de-briefing a stressor:

  • Saying No: “What makes it stressful to ‘say no’?”
  • Having to be Forceful or Insistent: “Do you have something coming up requiring you to be forceful or insistent? What makes is stressful to be forceful? How does this impact you as a leader?”


Increasing your Workplace Effectiveness – Pg. 16

In the example report, the client ‘tends to skim over problems’ rather than face them head-on. Sample questions:

  • When you decide to skim over something when do you begin to feel uncomfortable?
  • Does your intuition tell you, you are skimming over something?
  • How are other people being effective by not getting feedback from you?
  • How can you use your motivators to enhance your effectiveness?

Questions for the Resistant Client (At Any Section of the Report)

If the client is resistant to what the report says about them and you think that the report may be correct:

  • Let’s look at different situations. It may be true of you in one situation, but it may be true of you in another.

o Is this ever true with your peers?
o With customers?
o With your boss?

If the client says ‘this is not me, I don’t do that’, you can try asking:

  • Can you, between now and the next time we meet watch for that behavior?
  • Do you have a trusted confidant you could ask if this is true of you in any situations where you might not see it?

Questions to Support Action Implementation

  • What are you taking away from the DiSC Assessment that you can put into action?
  • What actions have you developed that would you need support from a stakeholder or from your boss?
  • Which stakeholders need to be involved in moving this forward?
  • What approvals are needed to move this forward?