Our Team

Our Glacier Point Solutions Coaches reside throughout the United States and Canada. Being able to select our Coaches from locations throughout the U.S. and Canada allows me to get the cream of the crop. I carefully select the best, most skilled Coaches who also align with my Coaching approach, Coaching standards, and Coaching ethics, to serve our valued clients.

Despite our physical distance, we are a tight-knit team. We meet virtually on a regular basis for training and team building and support each other as peers in working through challenging Coaching situations.

I am always available to our Coaches and work with each of them often to continuously increase their Coaching skills, brainstorm Coaching approaches for specific clients, and give ideas to support goal attainment for our clients.

Since we are so spread out, we are lucky to get to meet each other in person from time to time when we travel on business or for pleasure.

Here are pictures of some of those special meetings within the last few years.

Carole Billingham, MCC and Ariana Elsie McNally, PCC

Carole and Ariana were happy to get to meet in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sherri Cannon, PCC and Donna Schilder, MCC
Sherri and Donna met in San Pedro, CA.

Donna Schilder, MCC and Jon Lokhorst, CPA, PCC

Donna and Jon had a wonderful lunch in Long Beach, CA. at Saint & 2nd.

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Donna Schilder, MCC

Executive Coach & President

Glacier Point Solutions