Job Search and Career Exploration Questions

Favorite Coaching Questions for Job Search or Career Exploration

• What values are in conflict for you right now? (after having identified her values and looking at possibilities of other places where that value(s) would not be in conflict)
• What keeps you from asking questions to clarify what was meant by (your boss, a customer, or a colleague)? (when a client being mentored hesitated to ask for clarification when something was not understood)
• Is there anything else you need to do (in your job search or in your Career Exploration process)?
• How do you feel about everything you have done so far?
• How are you going to let it go now (pain from how you were treated in a previous job, pain from getting fired or laid off, pain from not getting selected for a job, letting go of the current career path)?
• What are you going to do to celebrate because of having done a fantastic job in the interview? (when a client was worried about not getting the job after being interviewed)

Coaching questions to increase your pleasure and fun and break through when the client is stuck:

• What fills you up?
• What creates energy for you?
• How can things be easy for you?
• What would you do if it were easy?
• What’s easy right now? (To shift a job searcher’s thinking when they feel overwhelmed.)
• How can you make this fun?
• For a woman: How do you like to pamper yourself?
• For a man: What energizes you? What kind of activities do you really like doing? (For job search clients needing an energy boost)
• For executives who are tired and need to rest their brain: What would it take have some Executive time out?
• How do you want to acknowledge yourself?
• How do you want to get out of your head?
• What moves you into your body?
• When you get into this place of worry or overwhelm, how do you want to manage yourself in that so you can shift?
• What are the strategies to break that pattern?
• What is your new practice for having fun and celebrating?
• Imagery examples: For someone who loved to dance: How can you dance with this? For someone who loved surfing: How can you ride the wave with this? For an Executive who loved skateboarding as a child: How can you skateboard with this?

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