Maureen Miller, MCC

Maureen Miller, MCCMaureen Miller, Master Certified Coach (MCC), has 20+ years of business experience and 2500+ hours of Coaching experience. She coaches leaders and professionals in the nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors.

Maureen is an Executive & Leadership Search Coach who received coach training through Coach U, holds a BA in Education through the University of Calgary, and is working towards her Master’s Degree in Counseling (MC).

Maureen has Coached leaders and professionals in city services and healthcare and offers Coaching through EAP Programs. She is also a Fellow Coach with BetterUp.

Maureen creates a safe place for her clients to explore:


  • Their deeply held beliefs and attitudes
  • The life and work experiences that shape the lens they use to look at the world
  • Their fruitless patterns and habits
  • Their weaknesses, failures, and mistakes
  • How to leverage their strengths
  • How to increase the meaning and passion in their work

Maureen leverages humor with her clients to help them anchor what they learn and also uses neuroscience in her coaching process. She also employs role-play, guided imagery, and positive psychology.

Maureen is versed in the 360 Degree Process, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), MBTI, Learning Styles.

Maureen also has a strong passion for personal branding and is writing a book on the subject. Maureen also excels at Coaching clients in navigating conflict.

Prior to becoming a Coach, Maureen worked in the Oil & Gas industry as a Project Manager (managing suppliers) and has also worked in the Accounting, PR & Communications, Organizational Development, and Training and Curriculum Development. She was also a teacher for nine years.

Maureen is active in supporting the Coaching community as:

  • Coach U faculty member where she Coaches students from around the world to gain coaching skills
  • A Credentialing Assessor for the International Coach Federation (ICF) 
  • An Evaluation Consultant with the WEBECS Program Evaluation Assessment Tool Team, which evaluates and selects the programs for the executive coaching track

Maureen has served on the board of several nonprofit organizations where she performed leadership and board development workshops and public speaking engagements.

Maureen currently serves on the Patient Care Network of British Columbia, Canada, which will make changes to in-patient care for the Canadian healthcare system.

As part of an annual public education initiative, Maureen also wrote, directed, and edited a television show called Chance for Change (aired on the local CRTV television).


“I really enjoyed my two DiSC coaching sessions with Maureen.  She helped shine some light on my unique profile characteristics and provided me with some personal insight to maximize my strengths.” — Manager, Banking